What To Bring To Your Dot Physical

If being a CMV driver has been your long-cherished dream, then you must take the DOT physical with utmost importance. Along with fulfilling the physical fitness criterions, the documents you should submit have equal importance in earning Commercial Driver’s License.

Go through the following list to know what they are-

The Papers Applicable To All

There are certain documents that are common for all. Among them, Photo ID is the main imperative. Along with it, the list of medications you are/were having as of late, is needed. It may include something as minor as a cough syrup or herbal supplement to lose weight.

If you are physically fit, then carry alongside the testament from your house physician- confirming your good health.

Documents For Cardiovascular Health

From pacemaker to valve replacement, from open-heart surgery to heart collapse- you need to bring complete documents if you have encountered any of these before. Also a no-objection certificate from physicist is necessary to submit.

On the off chance that amid the past 2 years, you have gone through echocardiogram examination or any stress test, then those archives are additionally needed in DOT physical.

Mental Soundness Verification

Psychological conditions such as- ADHD, anxiety disorder, and clinical depression are some of the states where you need to come clear. A clean chit from your primary mental health provider would be enough. The letter must mention the list of medications you are on, and whether you are mentally sound enough to drive a CMV.

Diabetic Report

Amidst the motley of records of your diabetic treatment, it’s the Hemoglobin A1C result, which holds the greatest value to the medical board. Take a tab on the fact that- all the logs of your blood sugar and consequent treatment must not be older than 3 months.

Proof Of Neurological Health/BP

Any neurological disorders such as seizure, bleeding, and neuropathy are there to be archived in the reports you bring to DOT physical. The letter from the primary physicist is a must. Likewise in case of BP, ensure that it doesn’t outperform 140/90 level on the exam day.  Otherwise, you won’t get the card.

Sleep Apnea Clearance

Sleep Apnea is a critical ground to clear, before you qualify for receiving the license. So during DOT physical, you are expected to present the Sleep Apnea Compliance Report. It’s mentioned in FMCSA site that the aggregate data of last 60-days would do. But it is endorsed that submitting the report of the past 6 months would be better.

Also, many Sleep Apnea patients use CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device for sleep. The medical board is liable to go through the reading of the machine, to understand your sleeping pattern. So carry that transcript too.

Additional Equipment & Report

If you wear contact lenses or glass on daily premise, then bring the gear on the day of DOT physical. On the other hand, the individuals, who use hearing aids, are expected to fetch the machine into the notice of medical panel, for examination.

If you do your homework before DOT physical, then you would see that your cardiovascular, cognitive, auditory and vision capabilities are prime attentiveness for the medical board. Be that as it may, Cancer is another noteworthy part. On the off chance that you are a cancer survivor or in the first stage of detection, do get an all-clearance copy from your physicist. It must ensure that you are now fit enough to drive a CMV.

The above focuses just form an outline about- what requirements are there, to bring to DOT physical. The official body of FMCSA holds the privilege to create any altercation in document-necessities, at any point of time. In the event you have any doubt contact to your DOT examiner.